Sunday, March 16, 2008

some interview

Gloria: How are you? It’s early huh?

January: It’s is early. I just had a dream that I was hanging out with Paris Hilton. We were going out to clubs together. I was kind of following her around watching out for her. Then she somehow got implicated in a murder. I had a brilliant solution to him her. I turned her into a dyke. We cut her hair --- well, first we took out the extensions—and dyed it black. It looked good on her. I got her to wear some jeans. Things were going well. Everyone thought this new dyke from Portland (that’s what we told people) was so cute. They liked that her name was Paris and joked about it. Meanwhile, the police and press and whatever were going crazy trying to find her. The shit hit the fan though. I got Paris a job working in a breakfast dinner type place. One day her mother walks in. She was a real bitch in the dream. Paris thought it was her that set her up with the murder. Paris freaked out and pulled me into the kitchen. That’s when I woke up.

Gloria: What do you think happened? Did Paris’s mother recognize her?

January: I don’t know. I hope not. No one else suspected anything.

Gloria: Where you lovers in the dream?

January: No. I don’t think so. I think I probably had some kind of infatuation with her.

Gloria: Do you have a thing for Paris Hilton?

January: eh, no. well, I didn’t think I did.

Gloria: Would you invite Paris Hilton to join the band?

January: I don’t think so.

Gloria: What do Johnny and Cold think of Paris Hilton?

January: We’ve never talked about it.

Gloria: The concept of the band, I mean, the design of the posters, and the image of the band seems to be a comment on an obsession with pop culture.

January: Yeah. That we definitely talk about that all the time. Johnny really started the band on a whim. It was all about creating the image of band all through things like myspace and forums. It was later that the interest in what was being done musically was developed. But yeah, I guess the music industry is linked to the computer. Everyone downloads their music. It’s just so massive and people go through things – bands – quickly. Like they were interesting for that week. Time for something new. And the visuals are interesting. I would say that popular culture is dominated by visuals. Ultimately though, what we are doing musically is trying to question this. It’s not easy, you have to put some effort and involve yourself. I guess we’re playing the contrast with the visuals which suggest one thing but doing something else.

Gloria: What about indie bands? Do you see them as benefiting from this?
Well… I think indie is more of a genre now than a condition. I there’s a certain look that has spread in terms of design, in terms of fashion. We chose to play into that look more than the visuals that are associated with the noise scene to make that point.

Gloria: So playing into that “look” is the idea of behind Gelding Express?

January: I guess so. Partially. I mean, Johnny… well, all of us… are really interested in experimental music…

Gloria: And Paris Hilton?

January: (laughs) well, I don’t think it’s one or the other. We aren’t cut off from the influence of popular culture. And popular culture appropriates from what artists do… it’s more of a circle than two sides.

Gloria: I’m looking at your ipod… you listened to Dolly Parton just before this meeting?

January: Yeah, after “Horse Covers”, you know our album of songs that are about horses. I think I want us to do some Dolly Parton covers.

Gloria: I like the song “Jolene”. The Geraldine Fibbers covered that right?

January: Yeah, it’s a good cover.

Gloria: You know, talking to you, it’s rather light. I didn’t expect that. Your songs are really intense.

January: Yeah, we make a storm of noise. Not a thunderstorm. More like a sky completely covered with clouds.

Gloria: You do really build an atmosphere.

January: Atmospheric pressure! But not harsh I guess. With all the delay and loops 20 minutes can seem like five.

Gloria: Yes, hypnotic would be the word I would use.

January: I think the vocals help put it in that dreamy state.

Gloria: Yes. I do like your vocals.

January: thanks. A lot of people have told me to join a band because I have a distinctive voice. Either that or do the voice for cartoons.

Gloria: I was looking at the new video for “Horse Covers”.

January: On youtube? The new one is the Horses (after Patti Smith). I’m pleased with how it turned out.

Gloria: What do you think Patti Smith would think of it?

January: I don’t know.

Gloria: Gelding Express is really into video. Why?

January: I think it’s partially because me and Johnny come from a visual arts background. We always use video projections when we perform. Experimental video and experimental music compliment each other.

Gloria: Any last words?

January: My middle name is Gloria.

Gloria : (chuckles)

January: No! seriously, it is.

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